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Certainly one of our most difficult challenges: a very demanding sector, both for the work environment comparable to the marine one, and for the need to provide Heavy Duty solutions suitable for the most demanding work services.

We develop Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for winches and cranes, with direct assembly on the vehicle or inside the customer’s carpentry for total integration with the existing design. Our lithium batteries are equipped on the machines of the main Italian manufacturers, installed and used in over 50 countries around the world. The integrated BMS management electronics allows us to integrate lithium batteries both within Full Electric, Hybrid and bimodal platforms, all defined according to the needs of the machine manufacturer. Our batteries guarantee a complete interface with the on-board instrumentation thanks to the CANbus communication integrated on our BMS, as well as a recharge that can be configured according to different management modes.

Depending on the type of vehicle and the torque / power required to drive the drive train, the battery model is selected.

Aliant Battery is a manufacturer of lithium battery packs for cranes, winches and lifting machinery.

The decarbonisation of ports and a reduction in emissions for the handling of goods and containers, also passes through the electrification of straddle cranes

The technical and technological nature of our company has allowed us to acquire original equipment supplies with leading manufacturers of cranes, winches and lifters of various types.

It is clear to everyone that in these projects, given the powers at stake, a support with the customer’s technical department is very important in order to define the operating and management strategies down to the smallest details.

The collaboration with the main producers of PLC control units and inverters and ALIANT BATTERY simplifies this activity and allows limited TIME TO MARKETs in the electrification process.

Cranes and LIFTING machinery products range

Aliant EK Pegasus Series

Our best-seller: a family of highly performing and customizable traction batteries for Deep Cycle use. It has all the features suitable for use in Lift machinery!

Athena Remote Monitoring

Our pro-active monitoring: thanks to the collection of operating data, we can provide timely diagnostics and at the same time help the end user to make better use of the battery.

Diagnostic and Logging Software

Even without router systems based on WIFI and 4G, it is possible to connect to the battery via USB port and check its status thanks to the local management suite.

Battery chargers

Fast charging stations

In addition to making the batteries compatible with the charging system from a public column, for universal use, we have in our catalog a series of Ultrafast type battery chargers suitable for rapid charging. Even just 8-10 minutes may be enough!

Battery charger for fixed installation

Don’t you need ultra-fast feeding? No problem: we have a series of single-phase and three-phase battery chargers for “wall-mounted” installation that can satisfy all the needs for electrical power used and charging times.

Onboard charger

If you are afraid to lose the charger, put it in the vehicle! Thanks to the close collaboration with the main international manufacturers, we can offer you IP66 battery chargers for mounting on board, equipped with interface for MODO 3



Don’t want to waste time customizing your vehicle’s display? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!


In addition to the battery, we can supply a series of connectors for signal and power that we manage in the catalog and in the warehouse.


We are available to evaluate the specific certifications required in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and safety required by your application.


Some lithium battery models successfully used in the lifting sector