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MP Lithium Batteries


Motive Power MP series lithium batteries for forklifts and pallet trucks

Lithium batteries for traction use made with lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 cells. Specifically developed for forklift and pallet truck applications, both original equipment and retrofit.

inside extremely compact carpentry enclosures and compatible with the main DIN formats of lead traction batteries currently in use.

They are lithium traction batteries with Motive Power functions mainly oriented to the following applications:
• Forklifts
• Stackers
• Pallet truck
• Trilateral trolleys
• GSE tractors and support vehicles

Thanks to the technology developed by Aliant Battery, the MP battery series allows to have:
• Maximum capacity in minimum space
• Useful life between 5 and 10 times longer than traditional batteries
• Management electronics integrated in the proprietary Pegasus BMS battery module, MADE IN ITALY
• CAN Bus 2.0a / CANOpen CiA301 communication interface
• Degree of protection IP55
• REAL TIME Adjustable Charge Curve – with pre-configured compatible charger

All within carpentry compatible with the main formats of lead batteries currently used inside forklifts and pallet trucks.

Modular design

Aliant MP Series batteries are developed with a wide range of capacities and voltages in order to respond to customer needs in a timely manner.

High power

Massima potenza nel minimo ingombro, grazie alle celle Alichem con tecnologia Litio Ferro Fosfato ad alta densità.

Fast charging

Ultra-fast full recharge: 80% of the charge in less than 30 min.
No problem with opportunity charges. Recharge the batteries with maximum flexibility!

BMS Pegasus

Thanks to the proprietary technology of the BMS Pegasus it is possible to develop the traction batteries according to the Taylor Made program, to correspond to all specifications.


Battery life is tested in the R&D laboratory where materials and prototypes are tested to constantly improve performance.

Battery chargers

Thanks to the proprietary Pegasus BMS integrated inside, Aliant batteries are available with a wide range of single-phase, three-phase and boost chargers controlled via CANBUS protocol

Main Features


Reference performance

  • Weight reduction -50% *
  • Volume reduction -30% *
  • Standard DIN design
  • Euro DIN connections

*average values indicated compared to traditional lead-acid batteries with similar AH


Always ready in few minutes

  • 80% charged in 30 min**
  • Compatible with numerous industrial battery chargers of major brands
  • Single-phase, three-phase and boost charger

** charging times can vary based on application, battery chargers and available AC power input


Strong and durable

  • Up to 10 years of useful life
  • Up to 5000 complete cycles
  • Opportunity Charge allowed
  • Very low self-discharge


Easy and universal

  • DIN compatible carpentry
  • Easy assembly
  • Low temperature heating system
  • Degree of protection IP54

Main applications

Here some of the main apllications of MP batteries


Upgrade your forklift batteries by switching to lithium, infinite life!


Unlimited charging speed and partial rechargin thanks to lithium


Lithium allows a great flexibility of use together with the possibility to perform 5 minute recharges!


Download the product data sheet with all the models currently in production

MP Series Lineup



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Download the Material Safety Data Sheet

MP Series MSDS



Acconsento al trattamento dei miei dati da parte di questo sito al fine di poter prendere in carico la mia richiesta.