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Since 2015 we have started to develop applications for Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium Polymer Batteries in the marine sector. Our first products were used as 24Volt systems for the management of HOTEL loads. Direct assembly inside dedicated compartments (BATTERY ROOM) in boats has allowed for significant weight savings compared to modular solutions, which are also more rigid in terms of battery capacity and performance than a dedicated system.

For a total integration with the existing design, we can supply the batteries with NMEA2000 protocol, in order to allow the best integration via CANbus of the battery and charger parameters with the PMS – Infotainment system on board.

In 2018, a difficult process of designing batteries for propulsion began, through the development of a stackable 192Volt module up to 576V nominal. This module obtained the RINA Type Approval the following year.

We have completed several installations both in Luxury Yachts and in E-Ferry, which thanks to the NMC high-performance Lithium Polymer accumulators can operate in Full Electric or Hybrid Mode in conditions of maximum efficiency and maximum silence, as well as reduced costs of management compared to solutions based on traditional internal combustion generators.


Aliant Battery is a manufacturer of lithium battery packs for boats and ships: fast charging, low weight and zero maintenance costs. Here is a beautiful lady sailing the seas powered by ALIANT!

M/Y Akira

This beautiful 24-meter yacht has 24Volt service batteries with ALIANT BATTERY technology

NAUTICAL product range

Aliant NEK Pegasus series

A family of high-performance and configurable 24Volt deep cycle batteries. It has all the characteristics suitable for use in the marine environment

Athena Remote Monitoring

Our pro-active monitoring: thanks to the collection of operating data, we can provide timely diagnostics and at the same time help the end user to make better use of the battery.

Diagnostic and Logging Software

Even without router systems based on WIFI and 4G, it is possible to connect to the battery via USB port and check its status thanks to the local management suite.

Battery chargers

Fast charging stations

We have in our catalog a series of Ultrafast type battery chargers suitable for fast charging for rapip opportunity charges – ideal for compensating for the constant absorption of hotel loads.

Marine battery charger

NEK batteries are compatible with Victron Energy chargers, engineered for Marine type applications.

Parallel charger

Do you want a redundancy of charge? the protocol implemented on the BMS allows to manage several battery chargers in parallel for maximum safety and maximum charging speed.



Don’t want to waste time customizing your vehicle’s display? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!


In addition to the battery, we can supply a series of connectors for signal and power that we manage in the catalog and in the warehouse.


We are available to evaluate the specific certifications required in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and safety required by your application.