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Weather Stations


The control of weather stations and environmental monitoring require extreme reliability, high performance and the remote control. Our Lithium Batteries are developed with a CanBus communication module integrated on the BMS for complete interface with the entire control system. The safe Lithium Iron Phosphate technology also guarantees extreme durability.

The batteries are able to manage different charging interfaces: solar inverters, MPPT type DC converters, PWM type DC converters.

The CANBus is also able to correspond to the protocols implemented by some of the main manufacturers of photovoltaic inverters both in off-grid and network applications. In this context, Aliant batteries have the ability to activate the Victron Energy compatible protocol, in order to be inserted into a system equipped with VE.CAN communication and related accessories.

Batterie litio per stazioni meteo

Aliant Battery is a manufacturer of lithium battery packs for remote storage solutions: the ability to manage recharging from solar inverters or MPPT converters, compatibility with Victron Energy systems and the thermal control function of the battery pack (PRE-HEATING at LOW TEMPERATURES, HIGH VENTILATION) are just some of the features that make them suitable in this field.

Batterie litio storage

An example of an accumulation system integrated in the switchboard with the data acquisition control unit.

WEATHER STATIONS products range

Aliant SK Pegasus series

Our SOLAR KIT: a family of deep cycle batteries supplied in KIT for system integration. Highly performing and customizable for Deep Cycle use.

Athena Remote Monitoring

Our pro-active monitoring: thanks to the collection of operating data, we can provide timely diagnostics and at the same time help the end user to make better use of the battery.

Diagnostic and Logging Software

Even without router systems based on WIFI and 4G, it is possible to connect to the battery via USB port and check its status thanks to the local management suite.

Battery chargers

MPPT solar inverters

SK batteries are equipped with both analogue and CANbus commands for controlling PWM or MPPT solar chargers. The internal relay of the BMS also allows the direct management of an ON / OFF command.

Battery charger for fixed installation

Do you have the availability of the electricity network? Better! In addition to solar inverter charging, the batteries can be completed with 12Volt, 24Volt and 48Volt battery chargers for periodic recharging.

Third party chargers

Have you already chosen the charging system? Do you want to combine a third-party charger with the lithium storage solution?
Contact us with the application data and we will tell you if it is compatible.



Don’t want to waste time customizing your vehicle’s display? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!


In addition to the battery, we can supply a series of connectors for signal and power that we manage in the catalog and in the warehouse.


We are available to evaluate the specific certifications required in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and safety required by your application.