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ATHENA Remote Diagnostic Portal

The ATHENA remote monitoring system allows us to constantly monitor the use of the battery and to be able to report and solve any problems that may occur.

Main features


The information on the portal is updated every 10 minutes, providing
– details of battery data and parameters
– position battery detail (can be enabled on request)


Even without telemetry, the internal event recording system allows data to be stored with date and time.
There is also an integrated oscilloscope for real-time operation analysis:


In addition to the telemetry, available online, the BMS saves 5000 historicized cycles with date and time on the internal EEPROM
Every morning a Digest is sent containing all the latest information collected.


By sending CAN Bus signals, ATHENA allows you to interact with the battery

ATHENA remote monitoring

Usage information is stored with Athena diagnostic software.
The optional router allows remote access to the portal when WIFI or 4G LTE data network is available, such information for diagnostics.