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Aliant Athena: remote control on lithium batteries

Aliant Athena: remote control on lithium batteries


Installed in over 40 countries around the world, Aliant lithium traction batteries are constantly monitored. A guarantee that allows you to know their correct functioning in real time Equipped on industrial machines with different applications, lithium batteries can now be constantly monitored, if the end customer so wishes, thanks to the Athena remote control portal and the Athena Global Router connection system. The need to avoid unpleasant machine downtime, combined with a relentless pursuit of perfection on its batteries, has prompted Aliant’s Research and Development department to complete the remote remote control system on its batteries in record time.

“We have tested the Athena system for over 6 months on some machines present in 3 different continents and today we are ready to equip it on our batteries.

It is a necessary step to make available to our customers what technology offers us, integrating it on our batteries not only allows us to avoid sudden and apparently unmotivated blocks, but above all it gives us the opportunity to learn how to improve our products ”

Davide Dal Pozzo, Aliant Project Manager, explains.



Example screenshot Athena remote control portal.


The numbers at Aliant in recent years have grown significantly, the distribution of EK Series batteries to date touches over 40 countries around the world.

The ability to check these batteries offers the guarantee of knowing in real time the correct operation of their machines at the service of their respective customers. Furthermore, the constant access to the Athena portal for remote control prevents the blockage of highly productive plants where machines with lithium batteries provide their service.

In some plants, where production follows a tight pace with work shifts 24 hours a day, the stop due to anomalies, even of very short duration, can cost thousands of euros. Specifically, thanks to the remote control system, you have constant access to all parameters related to battery operation, charge and discharge cycles, internal temperature, state of health, duration of each single recharge as well as the state of charge.

All in real time. The portal is easily accessible to the machine builder, as well as under constant control by Aliant technicians. Any anomalies due to incorrect use of the battery or its malfunction can thus be foreseen and avoided. A service equally appreciated for all machines destined for the rental market, where unfortunately running into careless and sometimes careless operators occasionally produces malfunctions.

Thanks to the proactive Alert system, the manufacturer of the machine in question will communicate the anomaly on the battery from the Athena remote control system to its dealer.

Athena will autonomously invite the user to remedy the situation before finding himself in front of the machine stop.

 “Knowing the behavior of our batteries, the different methods of use makes us learn and increase the application competence at the service of our customers –     concluded Davide Dal Pozzo Project Manager of Aliant – In this way we can also release remote firmware updates on the parameters of our BMS without the intervention of specialized technicians “.

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