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Aliant Battery introduces the completely new series of lithium batteries named HV-R. These high performance lithium batteries have been designed and projected specifically for construction machinery, with particular focus on Full Electric and Hybrid traction systems.

Like all other lithium batteries produced by Aliant, the HV-R series is also made with the safe technology of lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4, and thanks to the recent advances that this technology has made in recent times, the energy density it remarkable. In fact, these batteries are highly robust and compact and achieve high electrical performance thanks to the adoption of Automotive Grade lithium cells that allow for an energy density greater than 150Wh / l.

The current range includes 2 models at 358Volt DC with nominal capacities of 105AH and 285Ah equivalent to 37,6 and 102 KWh of energy.

Aliant HV-R batteries are completely Cobalt Free, meaning without Cobalt, a material on whose environmental sustainability is doubtful. The internal fully embedded management electronics, called Battery Management System or BMS, is proprietary and designed thanks to Aliant’s in-house skills and technologies: the BMS, called Pegasus, is perfectly integrated into the battery module, and allows the battery to have all those characteristics of safety and communication essential for integration on board of modern vehicles.

In fact, the battery is equipped with a CAN Bus communication interface, a BTMS – Battery Thermal Management System, to extend the working and charging temperatures up to -30 ° C continuously, an HVIL board (or high voltage) and a GFD board (Ground Fault Monitoring, earth leakage monitoring device) integrated for external management (vehicle VCU). In facts, the GFD board mounted on board has all the conformity and safety certifications intended for Automotive type products, including the ECE R10 Rev.5 regulation.



Products are design with After Sales in mind, since this has always been one of the flagships for the Imola-based company. As of today, the possible integration of a 4G / WIFI / LTE / BLE communication device to allow data storage and exchange with ATHENA PORTAL, managed directly by the ALIANT BATTERY service technicians.

Among other things, the project development pipeline provides for a future expansion of the battery range with 650Volt modules and with greater management and integration flexibility thanks to the supply of a range of standard PDUs currently in last design phase.

The scope of supply might include a choice of On-Board battery chargers with a range from 3.7KW single-phase to 22KW three-phase and compatibility for charging from public infrastructure IEC61851 / SAE J1772, as well as a range of stationary chargers from 18 to 60KW, available for the various tensions in various countries.

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