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Aliant Athena: remote control on lithium batteries

Installed in over 40 countries around the world, Aliant lithium traction batteries are constantly monitored. A guarantee that allows you to know their correct functioning in real time Equipped on industrial machines with different applications, lithium batteries can now be constantly monitored, if the end customer so wishes, thanks to the Athena remote control portal and…
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Aliant: The safety of Lithium in industrial applications.

A production characterized by 90% lithium iron phosphate batteries able to guarantee the highest levels in terms of safety In recent years, lithium batteries have become part of everyone’s daily life, starting with simple household appliances such as cordless vacuum cleaners, work tools, smartphones. To then reach the most interesting applications on automobiles and industrial machines…
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Aliant’s tailoring

Aerial platforms, road sweepers, AGVs, earth-moving machines are the most difficult applications in which lithium batteries find space for ad-hoc integration. At first glance it would seem to be in front of machines that are very similar to each other, yet the reality is very different. Just imagine integrating a standard lithium battery on one…
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Urban vehicles that cross our cities every day must be less polluting for human and for the environment. STUDIES AND RESEARCH The data reported by some studies make us understand the gravity of the situation. ISPRA has forecast an increase in emissions for 2021 of 0.3%, compared to 2020, due to the resumption of economic…
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Saturday morning 05/02/2022 we received a visit from Mr. Fausto Golinelli, the well-known retired mechanic from Imola who electrified his fantastic NSU Prinz 4. This car model, designed in Germany in the 1950s, originally had an initial weight 555kg and Mr. Golinelli managed to electrify it reaching a total weight of only 660kg! After obtaining…
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