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NEK-LV Lithium batteries

NEK-LV SERIES NEK series customizable lithium batteries for marine applicationsCustomized lithium ultralight traction batteries based on safe lithium technology. The…
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Lithium batteries for large STORAGE systems Aliant designs and develops lithium storage and accumulation systems. Our Lithium Batteries are developed…
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RAILWAY We develop Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for railway applications. Skills acquired in the railway world thanks to the creation…
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Boats and Ships

LITHIUM MARINE BATTERIES Since 2015 we have started to develop applications for Lithium Iron Phosphate and Lithium Polymer Batteries in…
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Weather Stations

Lithium batteries for WEATHER STATIONS and REMOTE CONTROL UNITS The control of weather stations and environmental monitoring require extreme reliability,…
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Electric Road Sweepers

ELECTRIC ROAD SWEEPERS Eco, green, zeroemission, the machines into these categories are the most requested when it comes to municipal…
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EK Lithium Batteries

EK SERIES TRACTION BATTERIES Tailor Made EK series customizable lithium traction batteriesCustomized lithium ultralight traction batteries reserved for OEM customers…
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AGV and LGV The world of logistics is increasingly relying on Lithium Battery technology. The continuous work shifts and the…
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Agriculture Machines

AGRICULTURE MACHINES Probably one of the most promising sectors: very demanding, which features respectable national and international producers, with a…
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Earth Moving Machines

EARTH MOVING MACHINES Earth-moving machines fall into the HEAVY DUTY category: resistance to vibrations and shocks, wide (and difficult) environmental…
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